“Storytelling For Digital Creators”: How To Write Fun Stories That Inspire Readers To Trust You And Buy Almost EVERYTHING You Sell

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What if you could write a teeny-tiny personal Story to your Email, LinkedIn, or Twitter audience?

What if you could tell a Story about a random routine … before tying it into a valuable lesson (or *shudders* Sales pitch)?

How would you make this Story entertaining?

So your audience LOVE to read it EVERYTIME you hit ‘send’

And buy EVERYTHING You Sell?

Well … on this page, you will discover my simple Storytelling process, and how you can start writing your own Story-based Emails & Social Media Posts…

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I didn’t want to include any reference to AI, but it’s true:

Ever Since fartGPT popped up, QUALITY Content Stopped Being Scarce … “Quality” is no longer Our ‘Online Playing Field’

Emotional Connection Is The New Playing Field.

Any ‘half-smart’ can prompt out a banger Email or Tweet in seconds.

Readers are now jaded.

Everyone is posting the same ideas over and over again (with a different lipstick each time).

Every tweet now uses the same formula and sound alike.

But there’s ONE almost-foolproof way to ALWAYS sound fresh … while inspiring your audience to Trust and Bond with you:

Telling Stories From Your Day!

It’s literally how I Stopped posting on LinkedIn…

Restricted my Twitter account…

Yet by giving my ENTIRE Email list front-row tickets to watch as I go about my day LIVE

I’m still able to connect with my audience and SELL … without trying too hard … or being ‘Salesy’

Do you understand how freaking HARD that is? 

That people grow to TRUST me merely from reading TEXTS on their screen!!

If you also want to tell entertaining personal Stories that inspire readers to TRUST and BOND with you … the best resource I recommend is my Storytelling course:

This is NOT a sales pitch — and you can get the FREE version below — but…

I’ve created what I believe is the Best and (currently) the ONLY Storytelling resource for Creators.

Let me explain:

I say it’s the ONLY Storytelling resource, because (to my knowledge) it’s the only step-by-step guide that shows you how to write YOUR OWN Stories.

(not stories about Steve Jobs … or Tim Ferris … or any of those crap)

In Atomic Stories, you literally get lessons like:

  • How to find and write about Storyworthy moments from your day
  • An almost-illegal way to inject entertainment into boring Stories by ‘LYING’
  • How to SMOOTHLY transition any Story in the world into any Sales pitch or Lesson.
  • An entire Module dedicated to Live Writes (where you listen to & watch me write Story Emails from my day — over and over again)!

This conveniently brings us to my next point:

I say Atomic Stories is the BEST resource because unlike other courses, I don’t just throw random ‘tactics’ at you.

Nuh … uh!

After I introduce you to my simple Storytelling framework…

I’ve gone ahead to painstakingly record my screen as I write multiple Story Emails — LIVE — from a blank page to a fun Story Email.

I walk you through, line-by-line, as you listen to my commentary on how I start my Story … what characters I feature/delete … and how I’m transitioning into my Sales pitches.

The sheer Storytelling GOLD I reveal in the Live Writes Module in Atomic Stories makes it my personal favourite in the ENTIRE course!

And as you’ll expect…

Atomic Stories is SUPER EXPENSIVE

I’m intentionally keeping its precious content out of reach for people who won’t value it.


Even if it appeals to you right now … I don’t expect you to shell out hundreds of dollarinos at a dude you don’t even know from a bar of soap.

So the next best place to learn Storytelling is my email list:

Immediately you opt-in, I’ll send you my fan-favourite Story-based welcome email:

“Pick up hookers with me?”

My subscribers gush about this email ALL THE TIME.

And … NO … that subject line is not ‘what’ you think it is.

(Without ruining the surprise)

I’m sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised … and immediately understand why my subscribers love this email when you opt-in.

I’d dare say it’s one of the best Story Emails I’ve EVER written … because I employed many SIMPLE Storytelling tactics to keep your attention.

At first, these tactics won’t be obvious as you giggle all the way to the end of the Story in my welcome email.

That’s why when you opt-in today, I’ll also send you a FREE Storytelling ‘Translator’:

“Atomic Stories in 10 Minutes”

This is a Sub-10-Minute “speed summary” of my Expensive Storytelling Course,  Atomic Stories 

The tactics I use to write my Story Emails are dead SIMPLE.

(I think you’ll slap your forehead, chuckle, and think “why didn’t I think of that?” when you see them 😅)

Make no mistake … they HOLD attention.

But you don’t “notice” these tactics as they’re being used on you.

That’s why you need to have a handy ‘Translator’ to decode everything I do in my Story Emails.

This way, you can literally reverse-engineer them in your own Emails and Social media Posts to learn Storytelling for FREE!

In as little time as it takes to finish a cup of coffee, you will discover:

  • How to find Storyworthy moments from your day.
  • How to start your Story (no, it’s not as simple as “Start with action” … I give you a framework and a live example).
  • When Storytelling is NOT a logical progression of events and how to LIE to keep your Story flowing smoothly.
  • How to write your Story to SMOOTHLY transition into ANY close (lesson or sales pitch) you want.

Neat, hey?

But hold up … I’m not done stuffing your hands with goodies!

Because when you sign up today, I’ll also send you:

A Short n’ Sweet Breakdown of My Fan-favourite Story-based Welcome Email!

Take a look at this:

Earlier, I said “Pick up hookers with me?” is probably the best Story Email I’ve ever written … I hope you can now SEE why.

I installed this Email a few weeks ago and over 400 Creators have gotten it so far.

As you can see … almost half as many people that open the email read EXCITEDLY for…

Wait for it…

🥁 🥁 🥁


Before clicking the ONLY link in the email 🤯

That is NOT normal!

This Is The Attention-Grabbing Power Of Storytelling

Everyone says Welcome emails are supposed to be short and only give people what they sign up for.

Yet … this one breaks EVERY rule in the book.

In a few hundred words, this Email:

  • Tells you a quirky Story
  • Tickles your funny bone
  • Introduces you to who I AM — without some boring 2,000-word biography.
  • SHOWS you what to expect and Learn from reading my Emails

Before finally showing you where to grab your copy of ‘Atomic Stories in 10 Minutes’.

And for the First Time EVER … I’m revealing EXACTLY how I leverage this ONE Story Email to inspire my absolute best subscribers to get a hint of who I am…

And stick around long enough to finally TRUST me.

To be clear:

NONE of my regular Emails ARE this long. 

As you can see from the read times in the screenshot below, you’ll likely never spend more than 2.5 minutes on most of my emails.

So, if you’d like to FINALLY start telling Fun Stories about your day … while you inspire your audience to TRUST and BOND with you…

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