I think you might have just wasted your time because…

I’d written a beautiful page about all the benefits you get from Email Copy Chief writing your emails…

And how our price filter will literally sieve your competition away.

Then I deleted it.

Instead of buttering you up by narrating how it’s all sunshine and rainbows with Email Copy Chief, here are 4 solid reasons not to work with us:

4) Email Copy Chief is the most organized agency you’ll ever work with. Seriously.

I’ve had my fair share of indecisive clients and messy processes at the agencies I previously worked at.

So, I’ve learned to things differently:

In Email Copy Chief, I’ve made everything as transparent as can be.

Immediately you sign up, you’ll get access to a personalized Onboarding Timeline like this:

Email Copy Chief's Onboarding Timeline

This means you’ll never be unsure of our next step.

Every time you (or your representatives) approve our email drafts, we will update your Onboarding Timeline which contains:

Your remaining Kopy Kredits

  • This is Email Copy Chief’s process for tracking how many units of marketing copy we owe you.
  • You can use your Kopy Kredits towards any email-related marketing copy – upsell sequences, welcome sequences, buyer surveys, day-to-day newsletters, e.t.c you name it.

Our Service Agreement (contract)

  • It’s unlikely, but in case there’s any dispute regarding the timeline for deliverables and responsibilities, the Service Agreement will be the tie breaker.

The KPI Log

  • This sheet reports your email revenues, email metrics (open rates, unsubscribes, e.t.c), specific links to already published emails, and your monthly content schedule.

In short, the KPI Log is the report card for our partnership – so you know the ROI on your investment.

Which is important because…

3) Email Copy Chief is EXPENSIVE!

Of course it is.

Someone’s gotta fund our expensive office parties…

Nah, just kidding 🤣

We work remote and don’t even have an office.

Seriously, you’ll only ever pay for us to:

  • Write marketing copy.
  • Advise you on marketing strategy. Or;
  • Prepare a Brand Voice Guide.

If you’ve struggled to scale content because the only copywriter that gets your voice suddenly has a packed schedule and every other copywriter you try out ‘wings’ your voice or tries to change it entirely…

Then I suggest you order a Brand Voice Guide where we’ll work together to:

  • Measure and codify your Voice into a trackable form that allows writers to create authentic, publishable content – on demand.

  • Create a Rubric you and your writers can use to give focused feedback, identify needs for increased training or coaching, reduce repeat errors, and track growth and development.

When we are done, we will practically arm your writers with the powers to make magic like this – https://www.loom.com/share/06d38b7501b342f183b2d282c2f54350?sid=23d9e501-8e83-45b8-9f5e-2c127f87f499

If this appeals to you, then I’m inviting you to answer a few questions here. 

And I’ll be in touch shortly to exchange a few emails about your next steps!

If you’re launching an offer;

You might only need us to look over your shoulders, giving you creative direction on what buttons to press…

What emails to write…

And when to send them.


When you want us to write emails that sound like you and blow the doors off with sales from your email list…

You have to pay a fixed ‘rate per email.’

This fixed ‘rate per email’ is what we call Kopy Kredits – if you pay for 20 newsletters in a month, you get 20 Kopy Kredits for that month.

Three Kopy Kredits for a welcome sequence gets you 3 emails… you get the gist.

Here’s where it gets interesting:

The Kopy Kredits come with advisory.

Paying for only email copy doesn’t mean we’ll scribble text in a google doc and shove them at you.

No. No.

We’ll audit your entire email marketing flow to find the highest leverage segment where you need those emails to be sent.

Then we’ll write the emails in your exact Voice, submit them to you for approval, and email your list for you.

But the work is still not done yet because…

We have to watch the results roll in, report the figures, and improve your email marketing strategy.

We go 1000% for our clients that’s why we don’t work with everyone.

We’ll watch and grade you on our culture fit:

  • How quickly & thoroughly you fill your onboarding form (showing us you understand that Email Copy Chief can only make magic when you roll your sleeves & support us);

  • Turning in your weekly Story Journal (or email ideas swipe) on time;

  • Approving emails or requesting revisions on time.

If you score too low, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person…

It just shows we will not be a fit to work long term.

2) Email Copy Chief Is Not A Handsfree Service

You’ve seen the emails I write.

These stories (and leads) are not there merely to entertain your readers…

We use interesting leads to hold subscriber attention long enough for us to switch & sell your offers in




I’ve seen people ask for email marketing services that run on autopilot (which inherently isn’t bad).

I think that’s the fastest way to get sued by the FTC – when the Agency you hire makes false claims & promises in the emails about your offers & products.

We come close to running on autopilot, except we need your input to:

  • Journal interesting Stories (or hooks) from your week, and;
  • Approve drafted emails so we don’t make inappropriate claims.

With these, your total time commitment should come out to about 27 hours Minutes.


27 minutes weekly.

You only need to:

  • Send us at least 3 story prompts every week for the upcoming week (e.g I tried a new restaurant yesterday, I spilled coffee on my shirt, and I stayed up late to watch the world cup. That’s literally all you need to do for the journal!). And;

  • Review the finished version of the current week’s email ready to go out & strike out claims that are inappropriate or just not correct – so you don’t land in legal trouble.

Wait, that’s not all because…

1) You Have To Watch the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Reports.

We’ll have a 1X monthly strategy session if you’re on a long term contract with us (e.g when we’re launching your new offer or fixing email deliverability).

Otherwise (on short term gigs);

Every week, we’ll send you a loom recording (3-7 minutes long) going over the KPI Log (Sales 🤑, clicks, replies, ideas that resonated with your list) from the just concluded week’s emails.

I totally understand that spending an extra 30 minutes every week to send Story journals & watch loom recordings sent from halfway across the world takes your eyes away from enjoying reruns of your fav Netflix or book series.

If 30-50 minutes weekly is too much of a sacrifice, I totally understand and that’s why I won’t fault you for closing this page to continue to do damage control on your declining email revenue & copywriters that terribly miss your voice in copy.

On the other hand;

If you’re not bothered by all these ‘red flags’, you’re one tough soul & I like that about you!


  • If your copywriters have been submitting copy that doesn’t ‘sound’ like you;
  • If you are scared shitless as your course launch draws close & you have absolutely no clue what to do; Or
  • If you just need your welcome sequence rewritten…

Then I invite you to answer a few questions here – 

I’ll reply with next steps which includes a free Audit so you have clarity on what to do next!



To your success 🥂

Nnabuike Okoroafor