Hey, I'm Nnabuike Okoroafor, and;

I Build Copywriting Systems For Founders & Creators…

My Services

These are the primary areas where I wave my magic wand to help you sell more courses without ugly discounts.

Course Launches

From working with different clients at my agency job, I came up with a simple system for course launches:

“Depth of anticipation > Strength of sales argument on launch day.” 

With this, I now help clients build massive anticipation around their new products so that we already have an army of excited customers waiting to swipe their cards on launch day.

Do you have an upcoming product?

Brand Voice Guides

“Eh, I like the email, but that’s not how I’d say that”

You’ve been through this route with every copywriter you hire – editing & approving copy is a mess because they ‘wing’ your voice on every gig.

Order a brand voice guide & cut your approval time in half.

Email Sequences

Picture this: 

A lead signs up for your lead magnet and from the “Thank You” page, we roll out the red carpet in front of them… guiding them to the inbox where they spend quality time learning about you & how you can change their life.

And if they buy from the first few emails…

Your order confirmation email reassures them for making the right decision, while you follow up with more emails to keep the door open for those juicy testimonials – all powered by emails that sound exactly like you!

Here’s the deal – I write email sequences in handy packages I like to call Kopy Kredits (one email = 1 Kopy Kredit).

Need a Welcome or Upsell sequence?

Read more details here 👇🏽

What Clients Say

TL;DR: You’re in good company.

[Nnabuike] writes interesting emails. Ulandi is getting good responses from prospects on the phone when she follows up!

John Kennedy
CEO, Procurement Express

Nnabuike has the best understanding and application of email deliverability I’ve seen a while. Our email campaigns have a ton of links and we’ve been reaching important decision makers regardless.

Jan Kostadinov
Partnerships, Speechify